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December 3, 2012
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RON App- ABERNATHY, Garrett by rosaPAELLA RON App- ABERNATHY, Garrett by rosaPAELLA
almost finished

finished. sorry i made another gaia character. i had Garrett in mind for a long time, i couldn't bear to part with him.


i was told to put this on my app in the desc.

:blackrose: Crows fly at midnight.

yes, i actually peruse all the rules before joining a group.


    Name: Garrett Devlin Abernathy
    Age: 25
    Birthday: July 28th
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'11" / 211 cm
    Weight: 259 lbs
    Voice: [link]
    Rank: C


    - Warrior
    - Assassin


    - Fire


    - Gaia Kingdom

Animal; traits inherited:

    - Lion; tail, teeth, eye color, hair color.

Abilities inherited:

    - Soft footed.
    - Increased leg strength; can pounce, for lack of better word, from far distances.

    - Fast runner.

    - Terrible bite; has lengthened canines.


    - Hidden blade
    - Poleaxe


    - Serious.
    - Doesn't like to say much, but likes to be involved.
    - Doesn't give people his respect/trust easily.
    - Kind... On the inside.
    - Hardworking.


    - Bad


    - Footsteps are virtually quiet. Very sneaky.
    - Massive strength in his legs, but his arms are pretty damn powerful too. Beware of those hands and fingers.
    - Automatically assumes a leader's mentality in times of crisis and pressure. Garrett knows how to keep his cool, as long as his hands are busy.
    - He doesn't need a lot of sleep. He can function properly with an hour or two. He's a light sleeper anyway.
    - To the people he respects and looks up to, he is very, very eager to please.


    - Garrett cannot keep still for long periods of time. He must be doing something. If he is not doing something with his hands, he will appear on the edge and will not, cannot, focus. Tapping his feet, pacing, eye roaming, chewing his lip. That is never a good thing.
    - Rather forgetful.
    - He has no magical ability whatsoever.
    - Mental issues. He overthinks things.
    - Fears being totally engulfed by water. Garrett doesn't even like to think about that. It makes him nervous.
    - Doesn't like being surrounded by anything in general.


    - While other little boys would be playing, Garrett would be found in his room studying. Researching. Drinking up knowledge with an unquenchable thirst. His parents loved him, and prided him for his studious demeanor and rather proper behavior. His younger siblings would look up to him as a rolemodel. His family was a part of the upper class in the Gaia Kingdom, and so they had everything they could ever possibly want. Life was perfect.

    Of course, when life seemed perfect, it never stayed that way.

    Garrett's family had left one day to do the mundane task of grocery shopping. Garrett had stayed awake up into the early hours of morning reading, causing him laziness to get up and accompany the rest of his family. He was still asleep at home when he heard the news he would never want to hear in his life. His parents had been killed by assassins. His younger brother, Mason, had taken his sister, Karina, and ran away and into one of the rather crowded parts of the market place and had protected her. They were safe. Garrett blamed himself for his parent's death. If he had been with them, he could have prevented their death or at least had said goodbye. He could have protected them. He could have lost the entirity of his family, was it not for Mason.

    His siblings were all he had left, and he vowed to protect them at all costs. When he turned of age, he trained. Endlessly trained. He showed Mason how to defend himself and Karina properly. Garrett took all extra precautions to make sure what had happened to his parents would never happen to his siblings. But also... He was the only one they had left. Garrett tried desperately to cover up the hole his mother and father left the best he could, but it was never enough.

    He chose to become a warrior because of his brute strength and his potentially deadly close combat ability. 'Such strength could not go wasted', said his father so long ago. If this was what his father wanted, he would do this for his father. His mother advised him to take care of the sick and the needy, for giving good would always mean recieving good in the end. Garrett had no natural ability in healing magic, and he was colorblind. He could not distinguish colors of certain plants, and being able to tell differences between some plants could mean life or death. He did not wish to take that chance, and so he became an assassin in hopes of someday finding the people who killed his parents.

    Deep in his heart, he wanted them to suffer as much as his family did.


    - Late night strolls.
    - Fresh air.
    - When things are neat and orderly.
    - Meat. He adores meat.
    - Shy people.


    - When people pry into his history.
    - People who attempt to get close to him. Garrett will push them away and will take extra precautions to stay away from them.
    - Picky, indecisive people.
    - Unclean things.
    - When he lapses in to periods of slight insanity. His mind closes up like a cage and he retreats into himself, becoming pathetically weak as his mind fights in itself, shutting everything else down. The worst part would be that, he can't do anything to stop it until he's completely and totally drained, in which he will slumber for almost an entire day before waking up and feeling like shit. But at least he would be back to normal.


    - He has a special gold ring with a ruby in it on the middle finger of his right hand. Don't touch it.
    - History geek. He loves to browse through old textbooks filled with ancient information about Shijie on all the kingdoms.
    - His voice and laugh is a low, soft, but very dense rumbling sound. It's very rare to hear Garrett laugh.
    - Karina is 11, and Mason is 17.
    - He stares at people often, like prey.
    - His axe is made of black steel and silver.

RP Methods:

    - Notes
    - Comments
    - Chatroom
    - Skype: rosieapollonio (warn me ahead of time, i'm rarely on there, but if you ask, i'll get on)

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BomberLory Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Like a SIR.
Sellleh Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
He's so charming ;w; <3
rosaPAELLA Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he's so socially awkward

Aiohon12 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student
awesome hahahah I heard his voice I can picture it

:iconthumbsupplz: for perusing the rules and everything :)

interesting character hahaha I wonder if someone touches the ring what will happened?
rosaPAELLA Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh yeah. you can totally hear him just droning on and on about the rules. LOL

nothing much. he'd just growl at you to back off. he just doesn't like people touching it since it belonged to his mother. it was too big for her, so she wore it on her thumb, but after she passed, he took it. it fit just right on his middle finger.
Aiohon12 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student
I know right *makes me laugh* :iconheeplz:

alright good he's the hit you type :)...awww it belonged to his mother how sweet

yes I see his finger must be pretty thick :iconsweatplz: no offense ok
rosaPAELLA Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
indeed, men's hands are usually larger. hehe. no offense taken.
Aiohon12 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student
I agree too my hands are skeletons///...O o

OctopusPharaoh Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Elli: Oh, I really like your tail~
rosaPAELLA Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
garrett: *looks at his tail and gives it a swish* ...thank you. o - o
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